Army Knowledge Online (AKO) provides corporate intranet services and single web portal to the United States Army.  The main use for AKO is its email capabilities.  AKO provides the US Army with email, directory services, portal, single sign on, blogs, file storage, instant messenger, and chat.   However, it also allows soldiers to access their financial records including housing allowances, food allowances, and their leave and earning statement.

Army HQ provides an AKO Webmail login portal which is located here:

AKOThe AKO system’s training platform helps soldiers and DA civilians access the Army e-learning program, Army Learning Management System, Army Correspondence Course Program, US Army Reserve Virtual University, Army transcript, and others.

AKO account registration is mandatory upon enlistment in the Army.  All members of the Active Duty, National Guard, Reserves, DA Civilian and select contractor workforce have an account which grants access to Army web assets, tools, and services worldwide. In addition, retirees and family members are also entitled to Army Knowledge Online accounts. All users can build pages, create file storage areas, and create and participate in discussion on the portal. Access to many parts of the Army knowledge online network require the use of a CAC card and CAC card reader in order to log into the system.

Army Knowledge Online

The AKO system has been widely criticized due to its lack of speed, often poor functionality, strict security requirements, and web browser compatibility.   Daily users often choose to use an outside source such as Gmail to satisfy their email needs.   However, certain functions are available only within the Army Knowledge Online system.

Army Knowledge Online registration information can be found on AKO Webmail.

There are two different types of accounts on Army Knowledge Online, a full account and a guest account.  The following can get a full AKO account:

•    Active Army
•    Army Reserve
•    Army Retired
•    Contracted ROTC Cadets
•    DA Civilian
•    DoD Civilian
•    Future Soldiers
•    Medical Retired
•    NAF Civilian
•    National Guard
•    Retired
•    US Air Force
•    US Coast Guard
•    US Marine Corps
•    US Military Academy Cadets
•    US Navy

The following may obtain a guest account on AKO:

•    Army Volunteer
•    Contractor
•    Family Member of Full AKO Member
•    Federal Civilian Agencies
•    Foreign Officer (attached to U.S Army)
•    Homeland Security
•    Incoming DA Civilian
•    Incoming Future Soldier
•    Local National Employee
•    Medical Discharge
•    Military Transition
•    ROTC Cadets (MS I and II)

More information on registering an AKO account and setting up a CAC Card can be found on AKO-Webmail.